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The Square Game With No Name is a small mini game primarily designed for use on Android but also with mouse controls for PC in mind. 

At this very moment it really isn't much but my main goal when i started a few days ago wasn't to make something perfect. With only a months worth of experience under my belt of making games i figured this game would be a great test to see if i could start to make a more refined feeling game and i'm pretty happy with the results.

The aim of the game:

You want to avoid those green blocks at ALL costs otherwise say bye bye to those lives!

The grey blocks are going to push you (more than likely into a green).

The yellows will make you fat (20% fatter each time to be precise).

And finally the speedy wee red blocks are essentially your powerups. Touch one of them and you have a 33% chance of either decreasing your blob by 20% (and that can go up to 60% of your original body), adding a life back (up to 5) or doubling your speed for 3 seconds.

To-Do list:

Right now i think i'd like to work on both different skins & shapes for the game which can be unlocked with points which would accumulate after each game.

I'm also a stickler for nightmare modes in games and would like to dabble in one of those.

Right now with my experience being so low i'm keeping difficulty to a minimum and slowly adding new things to the repertoire so all feedback is welcome but please keep that in mind!

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Published 85 days ago
StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, Android
TagsArcade, Casual, squares



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